The tough tongue


Don´t underestimate your tongue. It does a lot for you. It helps you taste what you are eating, it helps the food to stay between the teeth as you are chewing, it helps when swallowing the food, and of course it helps you in speaking. The conclusion, it has an important and large function in our life. And above all of this, it is the strongest muscle in the body. Next time you´re at the gym you might want to do some tongue sit ups as well.

Battle: Camel vs Giraffe

Who is the winner?

Who is the winner?

Camels are known for being able to last for weeks without water. The store a large amount of the water in their hump and are able to walk around in the desert without any water and survive. They sure are persevering animals. But, there is another animal on the planet that survives even longer than the camel. Sorry camels, you are defeated by the tallest animal of the world, the giraffe. They can be without water longer than the camels thanks to their diet. To be more precise, the acacia leaves, their favorite food, is the secret behind their win against the camel. The leaves contain a lot of water and as the giraffe can eat more than 34 kg of food each day, their water intake is very high.


How many times do you do it?

How many times do you do it?

There are more interesting facts to a yawn that you would think, just look at the list below:

  1. It is highly contagious
  2. It has no cure and not a scientific reason why it is contagious
  3. Even by looking at someone yawning or a picture of it you automatically do it
  4. An average person yawns 4-6 times per day

Did you yawn reading this post or looking at the picture? I did. I yawned 4 times meanwhile writing this post and looking at pictures of people yawning.


Sing, sing, sing

Even monkeys do itAre you a person who doesn´t like to sing? Do you have a terrible singing voice you don´t want anyone want to hear? Well, sing anyway! In the shower, when you are alone, when you want to get on the nerves of the person you love, just SING SING SING!

Singing is a sort of an exercise, it is good for your lungs as you breathe from deep within from the diaphragm , it gives the heart a training, and your body releases endorphins (the hormone that makes you happy). If you notice any other positive side effects of singing, let us know!

Start singing, right here, right now!


The most expensive suit

R. Jewels Diamond Edition

R. Jewels Diamond Edition

And the award for the most expensive suit goes to…Stuart Hughes. Together with Richard Jewels, the Manchester tailor, Hughes created a suit that was priced at almost $900,000. What is so special about it? It contains 480 single cut diamonds with 0.5 carats each, and the fabric is a mix of silk blend and cashmere which makes up the rest of the suit. It took 600 hours to make and was named The R. Jewels Diamond Edition.

Another big name in the luxury tailoring is Alexander Amosu, who in 2009 sold a suit made by the most expensive wool in the world, the Vicuña wool (the Vicuña is an animal similar to the Lama, only found in South America). A yard of the wool can cost up to $3000. Amosu did not only incorporate the most expensive wool put to make the suit even more luxurious, it is also threaded with 18 karat gold and a button of diamond. An anonymous buyer bought it for over $100,000.

Red wasn´t always red

As you take the piece of candy out from the candy bag your mouth becomes watery and your brain tells you to hurry up and eat it. The candy gets closer to your mouth and you can feel the satisfaction already. You put it in and chew it, swallow it and just think “mmmmmmmm, what a wonderful taste”.

Satisfaction is the only thing you feel, your brain doesn’t make you think where did this candy come from? how was it made? what made it so tasty? why is it red? I don´t have all the answers but I am going to reveal the secret to why red candy is red. Chemicals you would think, but no no, it is pure natural ingredients, yes, it is natural, thanks to Dactylopius coccus, or in more simple terms, scale insect, we have red candy! I repeat to make it even more clear, thanks to the scale insect, we have red candy! This creature is a form of lice that is dried and then crushed and grounded, the scientific name for it is E120 or carmine/cochineal. It doesn´t stop there, the same

What would the world be without this lice? A world without red candy.

Burn calories while watching movie

It is not a lie, it is not a joke, it is TRUE. You can burn calories on the couch, without any exercise, without going to the gym and working your butt off. Just sit down on the sofa, and put on a movie and you will burn up to 200 calories.

Don´t get too excited, there is of course a backside to the story. You can not watch any movie you like, a romantic love story won´t do you no good. It has to be a scary horror movie. Get your heartbeat pumping, your adrenaline jumping and burn off the chocolate bar you ate during the day.

What a scary idea, no?

When is an idea a good idea?

Well, if we ask the ancient Persians they would say when the idea sounds good when you are sober, and drunk. Yep, as weird as it may sound, the men in the Persian empire used this technique to figure out if the idea was a good idea. They would debate over it in a sober state, and when being drunk, and if it passed the two states, it was considered a good idea…