How to tie a tie

Until this week the “Video of the week” has been all about laughing (mostly at others) but this time we are changing things a little. The following video is especially for the gentlemen having trouble to get really how to tie a tie. Of course ladies, it is useful for us to know how to do it, in case we would like the gentlemen in this crucial task.

The video shows how to tie the most common knot, the Double Windsor knot.

You couldn´t get it right the first time? Just practice, practice, practice!

What goes around, comes around

It is always fun to scare someone, any way that you do it, the reaction and especially face expression of the person should end up on a big poster in the living room. But, you should be careful and remember that one day it might be your turn.

Well, this might not be the best way to hit back but everyone reacts different to fear, right?

The cinnamon challenge

Challenges are always fun, especially when other people are doing the work and you are the one laughing. This video demonstrates what is called the “cinnamon challenge”. Many people worldwide have tried but only a few have succeeded. There are hundreds of clips on Youtube on people defeated by the cinnamon, and this is one of the most viewed ones.

GloZell didn´t do that well, will you make it or not?

The best things about a treadmill

A treadmill is a great way to exercise the whole body. You can regulate the speed according to what pace you want, if you want to just pretend walking on the Champs-Élyssés or if you want to run as if the neighbor’s is chasing. It is up to you. Whatever you choose, be aware that the treadmill can be your best friend, or your enemy.

For these people, the treadmill turned out to be their enemy…

How is your car running?

This week we have found an exceptional video, a commercial made by a mechanic in Burbank, Los Angeles. The video actually appeared on the Ellen Show, and most likely thanks to this, he now has nearly 4 million hits on Youtube.

So, dear readers, prepare to shift it shift it forward, shift it shift in reverse!

The cookie challenge

This is one of the absolute best videos that has been on America´s Funniest Home Videos. As this video was shown on the program people started having their own cookie challenges and uploading it on youtube, the following video is the original one.

These guys are good. Will you succeed?