The tough tongue


Don´t underestimate your tongue. It does a lot for you. It helps you taste what you are eating, it helps the food to stay between the teeth as you are chewing, it helps when swallowing the food, and of course it helps you in speaking. The conclusion, it has an important and large function in our life. And above all of this, it is the strongest muscle in the body. Next time you´re at the gym you might want to do some tongue sit ups as well.

How to keep healthy in a changing season


For us who live in the Northern Hemisphere the autumn is here and soon the winter will come. The season is changing and as we are moving away from the warm summer nights to a more chilly climate. In this period a lot of people manage to get a cold, the flu or even worse, pneumonia. Below is a list of factors to keep in mind in order to avoid getting sick, until the season has completely changed and our bodies has adapted to the new climate. It is simple, but we tend to forget the basics.


  •  C-vitamins: Fill the fridge with c-vitamin filled food such as oranges, passion fruit, kiwi, red pepper, lemon, spinach etc.
  • Dress warm for outside and not inside: Many do the reverse, when choosing clothes you might think “well it´s only 5 minutes to the bus stop, then I will be in the bus and metro which is warm, and then only 10 minutes to walk to the office”. With these thoughts you choose something thinner, and ignore the cap and gloves. Not a good idea, yes, 15-20 minutes is not much but it does its harm. Put on a little more clothes, take an extra sweater, gloves, cap and scarf, and if it gets too warm in the bus/metro take it off (Don’t be lazy!). The bus might be late, the metro stuck and you will be standing outside with only a think jacket and freezing, lowering the body temperature and as you sit on the metro the temperature goes up again, and down again in the distance walking to get to wherever you are going. You got the point, right? These fluctuations in the body temperature is one reason we get sick so as said before, dress for the outside and not the inside.
  • The head and feet: keep these two body parts warm. If it is wet outside and your shoes are not the optimal, bring an extra pair of socks with you and change as you reach your destination. The head is an important point as well since 70% of the body head is released from the top of our body. If you are bald this is even more important since you have more sensitive sinus.
  • Don´t forget your hands: Even though you do not get sick other people do. Don´t stay away from people just because they are sick, but be especially careful when you are in public places as you touch a lot of different things that can contain many thousands of bacteria. So, clean your hands several times a day, either with soap or disinfectant gel. (This is a general advice you should keep in mind throughout the year).
  •  Strengthen your immune system: The most important point to remember is that the immune system is in the end what should be focused on as it is the defense of the body. During the autumn and winter eat balanced and meals with a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and likewise. Ginger and turnip are great for the immune system so try to incorporate these in your meal plan.

Stay warm and healthy and your body will be wealthy!


How to tie a tie

Until this week the “Video of the week” has been all about laughing (mostly at others) but this time we are changing things a little. The following video is especially for the gentlemen having trouble to get really how to tie a tie. Of course ladies, it is useful for us to know how to do it, in case we would like the gentlemen in this crucial task.

The video shows how to tie the most common knot, the Double Windsor knot.

You couldn´t get it right the first time? Just practice, practice, practice!