Movie recommendation: 127 hours

Based on a true story

127 hours is a nerve-racking movie based on the life event of Aron Ralston, who was trapped in the bottom of a canyon in the Blue John Canyon in Utah, USA with his arm stuck under a rock with no one but himself. Directed and produced by Danny Boyle, we get to follow James Franco (playing Ralston) as he struggles to survive in staggering heat, rain, without food, and a long list of “what if” thoughts. Thanks to the video camera he brought with him he keeps a video diary and the viewer get to see every emotion, every thought, every feeling of Ralston. As the viewer is about to give up and the thoughts are only that he won´t survive, the movie takes a surprising turn and shows what can be seen as an amazing will power of the human.

Even though the movie is centered to only one character you can not take your eyes away from it as you just want to see what happened in the end. Not very well known, James Franco is a perfect match for the role as Ralston. He delivers all emotions and feelings with every detail to the viewer. He does the little extra and embodies Ralston in a perfect manner. Thumbs up for Franco!

This is a highly recommended must-see movie. It makes you wonder, what would I do in order to survive?

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