Places to visit: Ice Hotel, Jukasjärvi

Sweden is cold, especially during the winter. There is a lot of snow and ice and the temperature goes many degrees below zero. Many people run away from it, travel to warmer climate or stay where they are. In Jukasjärvi, a small little town located in Lapland, only 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, the snow, ice and cold is exactly what attracts people from all over the world.

The Icehotel was inspired by Japanese ice sculptors who in 1989 visited Jukasjärvi and created an exhibition of ice sculptures. One year after the artist Jannot Derid was invited to hold a vernissage which was placed in a specially created igloo located by the Torne river. The vernissage had many visitors and due to the fully booked hotel in the city, the visitors requested for permission to sleep in the exhibition area. In that point, Ice hotel was created.

The Ice Hotel is a staggering 5500 square meters and created only by using ice and snow. Every year the design of the hotel is changed and rebuilt all over again from scratch. A total of approximately 1000 tons of ice is used. The hotel is constructed in 5 steps and the first part is ready the first weekend of December and the complete hotel in January. In addition to having room for over 100 guests, the hotel also incorporates a church and a bar as well.

Below you find a short video of the Ice Hotel.

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